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Tricks for decorating a small kitchen

  • 3 years ago
  • 1

To appreciate the importance of good cuisine, you don’t have to be a first-class chef or enjoy cooking. The kitchen is the image and occasion of every home.

As small apartments are generally difficult to arrange, it is clear that with a small kitchen we have to be especially careful.

When decorating a small kitchen, pay attention to:

Custom kitchen

Although it sounds like a cliché, a custom kitchen is a MUST when it comes to small apartments, or small kitchens. In order for the space to be used well, it must be organized and functional. With a smart and practical design you will get space for free movement.

Use all the space, including the one above the upper elements. This is exactly the advantage of a custom kitchen because you have the opportunity to use the height and corners that would otherwise remain unused.

Although a custom kitchen is often more expensive than a ready-made one, it will ultimately pay off when you see that you have everything in one place, and organized.


If the kitchen is neat and well organized, you will not even notice that it is small. When designing, make sure that you have enough shelves and space in which to place all the necessary and less necessary things that should always be “at hand”.

Simplicity and details

Choose lighter and more natural colors, and let all the furniture be simple lines. Avoid anything that is intrusive, except for small details that subtly give the necessary dose of charm.

Wall shelves are an easy way to easily bring charm to the kitchen, they are ideal for storage, but also give the impression of an airy space. Also, a few plants will refresh the space and give it liveliness, so consider small pots of basil, rosemary or some other spices.

The beauty of the kitchen lies in its organization, so there are many examples of small kitchens that are more beautiful and functional than large ones. Stick to functionality and simplicity and you won’t go wrong.

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