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Balcony or flower oasis

  • 3 years ago
  • 1

A nice and comfortable balcony for sitting is not only made of good furniture, no matter how beautiful it is. The true beauty of the balcony is in the flowers that fill it. A sunny morning with coffee is special if the same coffee is on the balcony, and even more so if the balcony is colorful and fragrant.

Although it looks demanding, you can easily have a balcony in flowers. All it takes is a little attention, knowledge and organization.

Selection of flowers

When choosing flowers, be sure to leave enough room to move so that the plants are not damaged or disturbed. The choice depends solely on the sunshine of the balcony, and the smaller dimensions of the balcony leave less and less space for the desired decoration.

Balcony on the sunny side – In this case, the choice of plants is endless. If you have little space, choose flowers of smaller dimensions such as velvet, geranium, begonia, petunia, ornamental sage or herbs. If you have more space, larger jars are a good choice, and the choice itself extends to oleander, henna, lilies, roses, lanthanum or citrus.

Shaded balcony – It is considered a bit more difficult to arrange when it comes to plants. However, this is not a problem either, because there is a large selection of herbs here as well. The shady part tolerates fuchsias and water hyacinths well, and the semi-shadows will adapt to geraniums as well.

Balcony on the north side – In this case, the flowers are the most difficult to maintain. Although all the aforementioned plants will grow in such places, they will not bloom as profusely as those in sunny positions. That is why with such balconies it is good to choose plants that normally thrive in the shade, such as hydrangeas, hosta, ornamental nettles or thuja and boxwood.


After cleaning, we often have things we don’t know what to do with. Eg. a crate with a lid or cabinets, a pot, etc., so let your imagination run wild and maybe just some of those things can be great flower pots. Don’t overdo it and remember that less is more. Fill the balcony with jars of flowers and spices.


When choosing furniture, choose comfortable and simple, miniature furniture. Also, by choosing chests of drawers with hidden shelves, you will make additional use of space. Also, before buying, measure the space several times, especially if you have a smaller balcony. In the salon, all the furniture seems smaller than it really is.

It is known that arranging a garden is a kind of therapy, it draws the negative out of us, and the end result of that therapy usually ends in admiration. Although a balcony is not a garden, it can certainly have a similar effect. You may need some time for ideal results, but it’s worth the wait.

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