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You want a home that exudes good energy

  • 3 years ago
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If you are looking for harmony worthy of the exclamation “home, sweet home”, listen to ten simple tips from leading interior designers with which your home will exude peace and good energy.

Home is the embodiment of our spirit and it is very important that there is harmony in it that will be reflected in other aspects of our lives. While the way you have arranged your living space may not solve all your problems, it is a good start to find peace that will inspire and invigorate you. Here is what the leading interior designers say:

Good lighting is of great importance

The preciousness of natural light cannot be emphasized enough. An adequate light source illuminates the space and provides a feeling of serenity that is difficult to achieve in a darkened environment. Well-tuned diffused lighting is the beginning of creating a space where you can relax. In terms of artificial lighting, dimmers can provide the effect of light subtlety when evening falls.

Open the space to a view of nature

Nature has a relaxing effect on our mood and is exactly what complements the feelings of warmth within a home. If you have a yard or a view of trees and a flower alley, avoid piling things up around the window. Instead, free up that space so you always have a chance to enjoy the view ( Elle Decor ).

Choose a palette of soothing colors

Colors dictate the mood inside the room. It is amazing with how little effort we can achieve such a powerful action. Strong colors feed us, while muted ones soothe us. We use them to mark the function of a space and share the desired story.

A functional space where peace reigns

One of the principles of good design is to create a space that is functional to its host, which also enhances harmony. The goal is for our living space to be arranged so that it provides us with support throughout life. There must be no obstacle for us. If you think that an object or a piece of furniture is superfluous, awkward, that it does not fit into an ambience, find a suitable place for it so as not to suffocate the space where it is currently located. Find those parts of the room that frustrate you every time you are irritable and spoil what you need.

Organization comes first

Once you’ve gotten rid of a bunch of things, it’s time to organize them adequately. When you know the place of every thing, you have less reason to worry. It’s perfectly fine that your living space isn’t redecorated at all times. There is a difference between a chaotic schedule in which it is increasingly difficult to cope and a spontaneous arrangement of things that contributes to a sense of comfort.

Irritate the senses

Take care of your sense of smell, touch and hearing to complete your living space. It is not only what we can see with the naked eye that matters, but also what we can feel with the other senses. Add texture to a room. The more your senses are involved in the planning and organization of living space, the more your home will exude peace.

Diversity and purpose of space

Every room should have a purpose, whether it is a work space, a room where you relax, a meditation zone or a room where you are diligent and pursue your hobby. Just as you strive to strike a balance between work and life outside the workplace in an emotional and mental sense, you should do the same when it comes to the physical space in which you live. It is far easier to relieve stress and work obligations if you are able to close the door of your home office and move to a kitchen that exudes a family atmosphere.

Don’t run for perfection

If you focus too much on decorating your home, that special feeling of warmth and belonging is lost. Apply the Japanese philosophy of “Wabi-sabi,” which means “perfect imperfection,” to achieve a balance between a home that is too tidy and a home that is neglected. Organically achieved imperfection in a flawless environment gives a unique impression of harmony and relaxation.

Emphasize spaciousness

An overcrowded space cannot calm you down because crampedness awakens the fear of an enclosed space. The solution is wide window panes and spaciousness, both in terms of architecture and in terms of furniture layout.

Decorate your home the way a director directs a movie

While it’s perfectly fine to look for inspiration with the help of ideas from Instagram, don’t look at the look of your living space as one motionless shot frozen in time. Your home breathes with you, and therefore, it is more than still life. Decorating your home should be experienced as a movie, constantly on the move. The films are meant to arouse certain feelings. Each color, sound, and frame associates you with some feeling, bringing you more into the story of that film to find out where the next story will take you. In the same way, find inspiration in decorating your “home, sweet home”.

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