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Pronova, find your home!

Agency “Pronova” is the first agency to market properties in Podgorica and Montenegro. Even in 1988 under the name “Montenegrofond” present owner, started a business with real estate.

The strategic objective of “Pronova” is complete dedication to clients in addressing the needs in lease or sale of real estate, with maximum confidence and professional and responsible approach

Agency “Pronova” is now a serious and successful real estate office who has employed agents, as well as occasional consultant colleagues in the field of architecture, civil engineering and economics, which together deliver successful results to the satisfaction of its clients.

Many years of diligent and responsible business agency “Pronova” , the largest number of clients the agency has gotten on the recommendation of satisfied buyers and sellers from our country as well as Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Albania, Serbia, Swiss, and other parts of the world., who had cooperation with our office.

Due to legal control and check the documentation, with a partnership Law Firm Vera Ostojic, the agency “Pronova” had no any legal case in the past.

The main activity of the agency “Pronova” are: the mediation of the real estate (apartments, houses, villas, plots, shops, office buildings, industrial land) in Montenegro, Check-in property, assessment of property values, real estate presentation by advertising in electronic media, etc., presentations to their trusted customers, legal advice and legal services as well.

We are specialized in renting quality apartments, houses , offices and shops in Podgorica

Thanks to many years of experience, professionalism and quality services, we are positioned at the top of the new luxury rental properties in Podgorica. We have the largest supply of really active real estate for rent, and thus apart from the competition.

We provide to Tenants the efficient retrieval of real estate which the best suit their needs and desires with the obligatory tour of the estate and advisory support.

We provide to Lessors reliable and very good presentation of their property to a number of potential tenants.

A high degree of professionalism, dedication, commitment to clients, teamwork of employes, cooperation with colleagues from competing firms, emphasized the agency of our real estate market as a reliable partner and mediator who will provide you with complete discretion and legal security to do the purchase transaction, and recommend us further .


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The aim of these texts is to inform you and refer to details related primarily to the sale of apartments or houses, renting apartments, but also to provide you with other useful information about real estate.

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