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Children’s room for two children

  • 3 years ago
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It is common for a room to be shared by two children, sometimes even three. In order for each of them to have enough space, care should be taken when arranging the “symmetrical” division of space.

Parents pay special attention when it comes to the functional organization of the room shared by children of different genders or ages.

In order to successfully organize a room for more children, take into account their interests. If this is the first step, you will more easily share the space and give them freedom of expression and organization.


The wall above the bed is an ideal place where a child can keep pictures, toys, books or some other little things that represent his interests. Know your child and know what he wants in his “zone” of the room, so try to reflect what makes him happy.


If the room is wide enough, and if there is enough light, it is possible to “redesign” it with panels. Also, larger rooms with enough light can be partitioned with plasterboard. This is often the most practical way because then you practically get two rooms. However, it is not necessary, and you can share the space in a more creative way. Some people are more interested in open shelves, some in drawers or cabinets, and in any case they should replicate the wishes of the child who will call the space their own.


A children’s room for two children should have a separate workspace. If the room is wide enough, it would be ideal to separate the work space from the bedroom. Also, beds in different parts of the room will both visually make a difference and divide the room. If this is not possible, a bunk bed can be a useful alternative.
Decorating children’s rooms requires originality and imagination, which is preceded by a detailed elaboration of the layout and functionality that must be met. As this is their space, listen to their ideas and wishes, and then start the realization together.

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